Even before the unprecedented events of this year, retail was transforming. Technology like online
shopping has become a larger percentage of total sales. This new market provides exciting new
opportunities, but only if sellers can overcome logistical challenges and get their products into the hands
of consumers.

The Strategy of Specialization

The advantage that a 3PL (third part logistics provider) offers is specialization. QRC, for example, has
well established planning and processes that cover your business’s warehousing and distribution needs.
In short, you sell, we fulfill.

We believe that partnering with a 3PL means they integrate into your supply chain. Flexibility, therefore,
is one of QRC’s core values. Customizing solutions to the needs of our clients helps us to fit seamlessly
into their supply chains.

Third party logistics solutions also enhance your expertise. Rather than invest time and resources into
supply chain management, you outsource it. Storage costs a fraction of owning your own facility
because our overhead costs are spread out amongst our clients.

This means that the strategy of specialization is twofold:

  1. Your supply chain logistics are covered by experts.
  2. Lower costs and saved time free you up to focus on the core of your business.

Ecommerce Fulfillment

You have not made an online sale until it is delivered. A 3PL offers the same benefits to your business as
offline logistic services: expertise, lower cost, and reliable service. But, the higher frequency of delivery
places extra demand on your third-party logistics provider.

QRC’s Canada wide network gives us the reach to fulfill ecommerce orders, and established practices
enable us to adapt to new requirements. To best match the demands of providing ecommerce
fulfillment services, we have adopted innovative methods.

EDI Integration

EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange transmits documents electronically. With access to major e-
commerce portals, you can manage your business effectively without postal mail, e-mail, or faxes. This
direct connection streamlines communication between you and your logistics provider.

Dropship Services

Take specialization further with our dropship services. Buy inventory as you need it, then have a 3PL
carry out the delivery. Your business has minimal involvement with the logistics, simplifying your
operations and giving you flexibility in how you connect with your customers.

Internationalize your Business

Expanding your organization into a new country is difficult, now doubly so due to current events. A 3PL
can simplify this process by giving you access to established supply chain infrastructure.
QRC has a growing list of US based clients. Work with us as your distributors north of the border. We
handle inventory management including returns and warranty issues and specialize in an array of dry
retail products.

Forget fees and the hassle of moving north and depend on an organization with knowledge of Canada’s
national and regional markets.

Embrace New Opportunities

The right third party logistics services can simply your operations, while enabling you to reach a new
market. Specialized logistics solutions free time that can help you grow your business – then provide you
the space to capitalize on that growth.