Ontario Retail Distribution Specialists: Plus, a Canada Wide Network

Retailers rely on distribution services that can match the dynamic, time sensitive nature of their business. Over four decades of experience, our retail clients have shown resilience, adaptability, and diligence. We also strive to match these qualities because retail logistics is our core service offering.

If you need a third-party logistics provider built to keep up with the demands of your business, then QRC is ready to assess, advise, and implement precise retail logistics.

Our First Stop

Every morning our fleet’s first priority is to reach our valued retail partners. Look for our trucks outside your business at the time most convenient for you. If your business is in the Greater Toronto Area, as far west as Windsor, as far north as Barrie, or as far east as Kingston, then you fall within our primary retail distribution area.

Retailers across Canada can benefit from our partnership network. Our Toronto model has been modified to provide distribution services to major Canadian markets from Vancouver to St. John’s.

TruckEcommerce Ready

Many retailers have added to their business with online retail. By partnering with a third-party logistics provider, you can smooth your transition into this new opportunity. Save money by outsourcing storage and processing costs, while benefitting from the expertise of distribution specialists.

The advantage of ecommerce is that it’s borderless and you need a third-party logistics provider ready to fulfill orders from beyond your borders. Enjoy potential savings with your customs clearance which includes consolidated entry charges and multiple line entries. We regularly manage the paperwork associated with taking goods between the Canadian and American borders. Enjoy ease and peace of mind as we fulfil your ecommerce orders quickly and cost effectively.

Keeping Track of Inventory is Easy

Daily communication informed through EDI integration with major e-commerce portals will keep you up to date with your inventory. Or utilize our dropship services. You only buy the inventory that you will actually sell and never need to handle it for yourself.

Simplify your business by placing your online and offline retail logistics into the care of a trusted partner. Doing so will ensure you can continue focusing on your core business – the thing that made you successful in the first place.

Experts in Delivering Clean, Dry Freight to Retail Outlets

Whatever goods you find in retail locations, there is a strong chance that we have shipped it. However, we commonly deliver a variety of products, including:

  • Sporting goods of all types
  • Shoes, belts and leather goods of all descriptions
  • Home and personal electronic devices
  • Fashion apparel
  • Cosmetics and over the counter healthcare products.

Whatever the goods, you can be sure that, on the last kilometre of the supply chain, it was expertly delivered, on time by truck.

Reverse Logistics

The volume and cost of processing returns can create operational challenges for some ecommerce businesses. One of the benefits of partnering with QRC is that your company will save time and money when you leave your reverse logistics in our capable hands. Whether you’re processing returns or moving surplus products, our experienced and established processes ensure an efficient and effective system to move your goods back to you quickly and safely. Going the extra mile to ensure returns are processed efficiently and your customers receive refunds in a timely manner is good business. Doing so ensures you’re meeting customer expectations and offering superior customer service, which ultimately strengthens your brand.

Out of the Ordinary Service

Bring us your retail distribution challenges. As a distribution center, we enjoy turning difficult requests into realities and have a lot of experience working under the demanding, time sensitive conditions of this market.

No matter your request, we will do our best to deliver. Over the years we have supported our customers with late-night pick-ups and emergency deliveries. QRC Logistics has the procedures in place to handle virtually any request. Past accommodations include:

  • Pickups at 11 p.m., unassisted deliveries, expedited service
  • Reverse logistics for returns that are required to go back to Canadian and USA manufacturing plants
  • Third party brokerage service to minimize the carriers you need to manage

We invite you to propose your unique requirements because in accommodating your special requests we become a better third-party logistics partner.


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