Save Time and Money with Canadian Partner Carriers

When you choose QRC Logistics as your Canadian partner carrier, your company will benefit from a logistical network built over four decades. Discover how your organization can extend its reach today.

Fleet Outsourcing

Our late model fleet offers flexible solutions to fit evolving demands. Navigate Canada’s open spaces and busy metropolitan areas with our fleet.

As a Canadian truckload and LTL carrier, fleet outsourcing with QRC can meet your company’s needs today, while helping you scale up for the potential growth that you will see tomorrow.

Regional Specialists

QRC Logistics is proud to be one of the top Canadian carriers in Southern Ontario. With a head office near Toronto Pearson Airport and Highway 401 we operate in the hub of Canada’s busiest market. Along with access to the Greater Toronto Area, well established routes will take your products west to Windsor/Detroit border, south to Niagara/Buffalo border, north to Barrie, and east to Ottawa.

Deep roots in our home region, and long-standing relationships with retailers, offer a competitive advantage over other Canadian and US carriers.

Nation Wide Network

Success in Southern Ontario has allowed us to build a network of partner carriers across Canada. Let us help your organization achieve the same success. Expand your operations into Canadian cities from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Incorporate regional expertise into your supply chain while avoiding the challenging tasks of establishing international logistic solutions. Our Canadian carrier network helps QRC expand your company’s footprint into Canada.

A Dedicated Team

Choose a carrier partner that matches the values of your company. QRC has built our reputation on time-sensitive deliveries for retailers. We embrace the challenge of competitive marketplaces by striving for flexible service.




    Security starts with hiring and ends with a successful delivery. QRC has earned high customer satisfaction through screened hiring, consistent security routines, and clear communication. Our warehouses have 24-hour surveillance and restricted access. We are a PIP certified warehouse facility with Canada Customs.

    Transparent Reporting

    Your shipments will also be tracked every step of the way and at your request we offer signed POD’s on each Bill of Lading. We also offer real time online POD’s.

    Flexible Service

    To get the most out of the Canadian market, your partner carrier must be able to adapt to seasonal demands. QRC has an established logistical network that includes delivery and warehousing services. Our network of assets allows us to quickly adapt to increased demands, which means you can seize seasonal or promotional opportunities as they present themselves.

    Contact Us

    Get in touch with us to learn more about partnering with QRC Logistics and distribution center to extend your reach and give you the competitive advantage.