Ecommerce Order Fulfillment With QRC Logistics

More and more businesses are moving online. This shift raises many challenges and, for those that overcome these obstacles, great rewards. Third party logistics (3PL) can provide the offline support that you need to optimize your online business.

QRC Logistics has the infrastructure and the know how to help grow your business. With decades of experience making time sensitive deliveries and with Canada wide operations, partnering with us for your ecommerce order fulfillment is a wise decision.

Master Your Supply Chain

Order fulfillment is key to e-commerce because reliable delivery builds trust with your customers. When you outsource your fulfillment services to QRC you benefit from the years of warehousing and distribution services that have defined our company. Our speciality is ensuring that your products arrive where and when they should, in good condition.

Invest in Expertise

Partnering with QRC for your ecommerce order fulfillment is more than an investment in our specialized services. It is a reinvestment in yours.

We specialize in helping you save overhead costs and boost profits. Our fulfillment services give you the freedom to concentrate on the core of your business instead of investing time and resources into hiring warehousing and distribution teams, vehicles, and brick and mortar storage.

Reach Your Customers and Grow Your Business

When it comes to ecommerce order fulfillment, being close to your customers is key to quick, efficient delivery. Our main office is in Toronto, with easy access to major highways and to Toronto Pearson International Airport, which helps us move products quickly and securely.

We have replicated our Ontario business model in cities across Canada, providing our ecommerce clients the reach they need to thrive in the online marketplace. With access to regions from the Atlantic to the Pacific you will have the space you need to scale up your business and realize the potential of ecommerce.

Canadian Roots

Ecommerce crosses borders. It’s appealing to customers and the organizations that serve them, but it can add duty fees and regulations to your supply chain. For ecommerce retailers outside of Canada, partnering with a Canadian company like ours can make navigating these obstacles easier.

Simplify your logistics by working with a 3PL with deep connections in Canada. QRC can help you internationalize your business, keep your costs down, and maintain profits.

Flexible Warehousing

Improve your company’s efficiency with our warehousing services. Besides saving on overhead, our warehouse management services help you adapt to changes in demand. Whether it’s the holidays or a promotion, our partner facilities will cover you during surges in demand.

We also smooth out everyday options such as returns and warranty issues. Our inventory management will send you regular reports that empower you to see inventory management details without having to worry about those details.


Innovation is one of our team’s core values. It has allowed us to adapt our logistic solutions to the world of ecommerce and has opened our business to international markets. If you’re ready to innovate too and are looking for a partnership that will streamline your order fulfillment, then it’s time to contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from our array of services.


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