Is there something you need to ship by truck but need help determining which van type to use? The dry van truck is the most popular type of freight truck among drivers and shippers. These trucks are versatile, relatively affordable, and readily available. Find out what you need to know about dry van shipping.

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What is a Dry Van Truck?

What are dry vans? Dry vans (also known as box trailers) are enclosed cargo boxes that typically measure 53 feet in length and 8 feet wide and 13 feet in height. They run on diesel and can be used to ship all kinds of non-perishable goods, including furniture, appliances, electronics, books, boxes, and more. The dryvan is the most commonly used type of trailer for carrying goods via road transport.

Dry Van Trailer Dimensions

If you are looking to purchase a dry van trailer, you should be aware that the inside dimensions will vary depending on the model. You need to know the size of your dry van so that you can determine how much cargo you can fit inside it. You should also opt for the best-rated dry van trailer or semi-trailer that meets your needs.

53′ Trailers

You will find that 53′ dry trailers are the most popular size of dry van truck. These trailers are used to move furniture, appliances, and household items of all kinds. They are also used to transport construction equipment like cranes, semi-trucks, and smaller vehicles like cars. The 53 dry van trailer dimensions are such that they can be used to move a wide range of items.

48′ Trailers

48′ trailers are used to haul light or medium-sized loads. These trailers can conveniently handle as much as 48,000 pounds (22 tons) of cargo. However, if you fear that your load is more than this weight or are worried about truck overload charges, you should opt for a 53ft dry van instead.

28′ Trailers

You will also find 28′ trailers that are used to haul smaller shipments of goods. The length of these trailers gives you more versatility in terms of the type and size of cargo you can transport. They typically haul up to 10,000 pounds of cargo at a time. Items like furniture and all kinds of appliances can easily fit in this size of the trailer.

Box Truck

Box trucks are smaller trucks that come in different sizes. These shipping trucks can be used to transport smaller items over short distances. They are smaller than dryvans and cannot support the weight of large loads like pallets or fully loaded containers.

How Much Cargo Can a Dry Van Trailer Accommodate?

The amount of cargo a dry van trailer can accommodate depends on the size of your shipping van as well as the model. The maximum weight capacity for an average dry van is approximately 25,000 lbs. On the other hand, if you are hauling oversized items like furniture or appliances

Common Dry Van Loads

Dry van trailers are used to ship a variety of different nonperishable goods, such as furniture, electronics, vehicle parts, books, and more. Other commodities that you can transport with this types of van include:

  • Building materials
  • Motorcycles
  • Tractors
  • Beverage & food containers
  • Plastics and
  • Steel

As long as the item does not require refrigeration or any other special temperature control, a dry van trailer can transport it.

What Are The Benefits of Using a Dry Van Truck?

Dry vans are ideal for shipping large and heavy items because they offer more storage space than other types of trailers.

Protection From The Elements And Theft

Dry van trailers provide an extra layer of protection from the elements. Cargo is secured inside the trailer and shielded from wind, rain, snow, and other weather-related damage. Since dry vans can be locked and sealed, they are also a great way to protect shipments from theft.


One of the biggest advantages of using dry van trailers is the versatility they offer. You can accommodate all types of cargo, whether it’s furniture, books, or automobiles, as long as it does not require temperature control. That is why this type of van is ideal for a wide range of shipments.


When compared to other forms of transportation, shipping with a dry van is much more cost-effective. This is partly because they are readily available from many carriers and don’t need service extras.

Dry Van Vs. Flat Bed

Dry vans offer much more protection than flatbed trailers. Flatbeds have ramps that let vehicles get on and off without the use of a crane. They are used to haul cars and large machinery.

Dry Van Vs. Reefer

When it comes to a reefer vs dry van comparison, you should know that reefer trailers are specifically designed to transport temperature-controlled goods. These are goods that need refrigeration or some other climate-controlled environments in order to stay fresh.

Overall, dry vans are an excellent option for transporting large and heavy shipments. They offer a cost-effective solution, a wide variety of cargo sizes and types, and protection from the elements and theft. If you need to ship large items that don’t require temperature control, dry van shipping is the best choice for you.

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